Since the beginning of the mission of Rotary is reflected in its slogan ” Service above self ” or ” service above all else .” The organization is comprised of people with high ethical standards attain a high position in his profession , but at the same time they want to serve the public . Initially Rotarians focused on activities for the needs of local communities . However, with the global development of Rotary activities also included the international community.


The purpose of the Rotary clubs is therefore primarily to support and strengthen the ideal of service as a basis of worthy and valuable projects , in particular the promotion and strengthening of : – the development of direct contacts between the forms of aid ; – high ethical standards in their professional activity and in the professions , the recognition of all nobilitowania useful work and profession performed by each Rotarian – as an opportunity to serve society ; – the application of the ideal of service by every Rotarian in personal, professional and social life; – the promotion of international understanding , goodwill and peace through a global community of people with different occupations , combined ideal of service .

Areas of action

Translating generally formulated objectives into concrete measures should be emphasized that the Rotary as an international organization operating mainly in supporting talented youth and humanitarian aid in particular Asian and African countries . The first Rotary club area primarily organized youth exchanges from around the world and sponsor scholarships to enable the development of the most talented . As far as humanitarian aid is its most important feature is the PolioPlus program . The aim launched in 1985 the action was to immunize all children and eliminate this cruel disease. With an enormous effort in 2005, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the organization, Rotary authorities announced that the program was a success , and the children do not have to be afraid anymore polio.