Our guests

A permanent feature of our weekly meetings are guests called: guestspeakers. The guests of our club are very different people representing divers professions and interests, who in their field represent proefssionalism reached at its highest level, or have specialized knowledge on a specific topic. Among our guests you can find both men of science, company managers, NGO representatives, members of the liberal professions, and Rotarians from other clubs. So far, the Sobieski Club had the pleasure to host, among others.:

prof. Lawrence Konarskiego, prof. Zbigniew Izdebski, Lars Bosse, Alberta Stomme, prof. Sedat Aybara, Jan Krzysztof Oraczewski, Dr. Ewa Kwiatkowska, Cristiano Pinzauttiego, Piotr Adamski, prof. Wojciech Gapsarskiego, Dr. Patricia Piekutowska, Dr. Marek Madej and Zbigniew Wisniewski.