Rotary Club Warszawa – Sobieski


Here is the true story of how the RC Warszawa Sobieski was born. In 2001, during RI President Richard King;s visit to Poland two Clubs had their Charter Day: Rotary Club Warszawa Lomianki and Rotaract Warszawa Zamek. A few years later some members of Lomianki decided to create a new club and formed a core group which included also members of Rotaract Zamek. This core group met regularly on Mondays at 7PM at the Sobieski Hotel, which led us to name the club likewise: Warszawa Sobieski. While still at the Provisional Club stage, Sobieski’s members began to plan and realize several projects with the view of already having significant achievements before becoming a chartered RC. The milestone for our club was Feb. 4, 2006 when we were officially chartered and thus became a member of the illustrious Rotary family. The Charter Day Ball which lasted until the morning hours, was a very successful event, with visiting Rotarian guests from many countries.
As a Rotary Club we were quite successful first years of our activities. Our young club was awarded three times in a row Presidential Citation as well a Memebership Development Award. We signed twinning agreements with RC of Soar Valley, RC Berlin Bruecke der Einheit, RC Waiblingen and RC Warszawa Józefów, co-sponored charter of new club in Warsaw – RC Warszawa Żoliborz, participated twice in Group Study Exchange programme, organized twice PETS, national conference for prospective Club’s officers. In 2008 we organized The Third Ball with Sobieski, our annual carnival party which is also the most important fundraising event. We conduct a lot of projects for local community, including reguar cooperation with Society of Children’s Friends’ Treatment, Education and Welfare Centre “Helenów”